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California License Number: #866538


  • Q : How much will it cost?

    Cost on the repipe various of the size of house, number of bathroom or fixture. Give us a call and one of staff will be there to walk you through and explain everything you need to know. Just Call 1.866.499.PIPE for our free estimate.
  • Q : What do All American Repipe & Plumbing provide?

    All American Repipe & Plumbing will provide
    • New shut off valve to your main house
    • New hose bibs
    • All new shut off valves to sink (hot and cold) and toilet. We use quarter turn valve which makes it easy to turn off and on
    • New supply line up to faucet (stainless steel braided)
    • New water heater flex with new shut off valve. T&P drain are run out to the exterior wall. Seismic straps are installed, in case of an earthquake.

  • Q : How long does it take?

    Average house will take one day to do all the repiping job.
  • Q: Will water be off?

    Yes, water will be off but it will be back on at the end of each day, and ready to use.
  • Q: What about patching?

    All holes will be patched and textured, ready to paint.
  • Q: Will my house be a mess when the job is in progress?

    Your flooring will be covered and protected. Our crew is clean and courteous, at the end of the day all debris will be pick up and clean.
  • Q: How about the warranty?

    We provide a life time workmanship warranty for repipe. And a 50 Year warranty on copper pipe.