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Copper & Pex Repiping

Copper and Pex repiping is our area of expertise! All American Repipe & Plumbing is a privately owned and operated company specializing in water, gas, and drain systems. We have 15 years of copper repiping and plumbing experience in Southern California. Our company is dedicated to provide you with the finest workmanship in residential and commercial copper re-piping. To date we have completely re-piped well over 5,000 single family homes and more than 1,000 apartment buildings consisting of in excess of 5,000 individual units. We're proudly serving in Orange and check our Specials below!

We Are Licensed and Bonded In Orange City

Our professional expert repiping team are locally located in Orange area and available 24/7 to assist you with all your all plumbling problems. Give us a call to get the lowest estimate repiping for your home, apartment, commercial and government buildings in Orange with a Lifetime Warranty. We use the highest quality copper and pex pipes which will last for many years!

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Toll Free 1-866-499-7473

PEX | ProPEX Animation

Learn about the unique properties of Uponor PEX-a tubing and the ProPEX® connection technology for plumbing, fire sprinkler and radiant heating and cooling systems.

Our Team!

Each technician specializes in a specific area of copper re-piping, to make sure you get the best possible quality in every aspect of your job. Our technicians are fully certified on drain, sewer line, tank-less water heater, video camera inspection, and trenchless sewer line.

Fast Installation!

From start to finish, there is a company-wide commitment to provide a trouble-free repiping experience. We obtain all necessary permits needed to complete the job in a timely manner. Our craftsmanship is done to exceed the State Local code requirements. We are capable of repiping in one day depending on the size of the job. The second day is use to patched and texture.

Exceptionally Clean!

We are completely certain that we provide a quick, clean, professional repiping experience that is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction. Our crew is clean and courteous. Your flooring will be covered and protected. At the end of the day all debris will be clean.

A Large Percentage of Our Work Comes From Referrals!

Our high quality, fast, clean service prompts our customers to tell their friends. With specialized technicians and a company-wide commitment to quality and speed, your job is done quickly with minimal inconvenience to your daily routine. No unskilled technician is used

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

We Licensed, liability insured, Worker's Compensation insured and all work is 100% guarantee to your satisfaction. Our commitment is to provide a peace of mind, hassle-free repiping experience for you.

Updated: Monday 1st January 2018